Our Services

SportConnect Management Consultancy offers a first class and highly confidential service to it's clients. The sports agency covers the full range of professional basketball player management, as well as general basketball, physical and business consultancy.

Client Representation

This is the core activity of our business. We can represent clients ( which include players, coaches, clubs and sponsors) in any transaction centered on basketball, ensuring that their best interests are upheld and achived at all times.

Contract Negotiation

SportConnect agency ensures that every contract we negotiate is in the best interest of our clients and reflects their true worth. The company lawyer and FIBA licenced player's agent places paramount importance on this criteria when negotiating employment contracts.

Career Guidance

SportConnect consultancy will endeavour to provide comprehensive advice to our service users with guidance and information which will help them make important career and progress decisions in order to mantaine, or sustain positive changes in their careers or social life.


SportConnect can offer on demand scouting services for clubs, team representatives, sport brands, professional scouts, universities…

Expert Consultancy (technical, tactical and physical)

SportConnect offers technical, tactical and physical consultancy to it's clients. Upon request our Experts can make development and workout programs for teams and individuals.

Youth Development

SportConnect is involved in several youth development projects in various national associations. Our involvement is focused on supporting these centers on technical, financial and mentoring issues. At SportConnect we believe investing in the game players of the future is very worthwile. We ensure that players under our tutelage recive adequate guidance to allow them excel in both their playing and non playing activities thus helping to make them perfect role models to future generations.